This is my latest book

La crociata nel Rinascimento
My latest book is a critical survey on the problem of crusading and religious warfare between Renaissance and early modern age

Other books

Le crociate dopo le crociate
In 2013 I published a book describing the revival of crusading ideals as a reaction to Ottoman military success in Eastern Europe
Religione e Umanesimo nel primo Rinascimento
In 2012 I published a book focusing on the cultural and religious roots of Italian humanism, interpreted as a movement of reform
Il papato nel Rinascimento
In 2010 I published an historical sketch of the main political, institutional and moral challenges, facing the Renaissance papacy
Le guerre d'Italia - 1494-1530
In 2009 I published a short history of the Italian wars between 1494 and 1530, pointing out self-destructive mechanisms in Italian politics, diplomacy and warfare
In 2007 I contributed to the edition of Lorenzo de’ Medici diplomatic dispatches, by publishing the twelfth volume of the collection
Between 2002 and 2011 I published a number of contributions, concerning the Sacred College, the Roman Curia and the conflict between pope and cardinals in the age of Alexander VI Borgia (1492-1503)
In 2002 I published my PhD thesis, consisting in the biography of Ascanio Maria Sforza (1455-1505), a powerful cardinal-prince of the Italian Renaissance, brother of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, called "il Moro"
In 2000 I contributed to a great Historical Dictionnary of the Popes, published to commemorate the Holy Jubilee Year of the Catholic Church, with entries concerning two relevant popes of the Renaissance age

Pius II Piccolomini, from Siena (1458-1464)

Leo X de’ Medici, from Florence (1513-1521)
I am a specialist in Italian Renaissance History.

My research fields are:
  • Italian humanism and its relationship with European religion, society and culture (XV-XVI cent.)
  • Roman Church, popes and cardinals in the pre-Tridentine age
  • Crusading and religious warfare in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea (XV-XVII cent.)